Princess Rio - Lucky Charms

Why is it when ever I get hungry the food some how ends up on my tits ? I love Lucky Charms, and looks like you all got lucky cause you get to see the Lucky Charms and some rather cold milk dripping down my big boobs !

Princess Rio - Baseball Player

Well who wants to get to first base with me, or maybe you naughty boys and girls will want to hit a home run ! My little baseball uniform barely covers my big boobs, oh well might as well take it all off and have a big seventh innings stretch he he... I want to win the World Series of Big Boobs !

Princess Rio - Spoilt Brat

Well I did tell you I was a Spoilt Brat, and of course I got the t-shirt to prove it lol ! I dont see anything wrong with being a brat to get what I want, trust me I know exactly what to do to get what I want and that includes using my young body he he ! Seriously could you resist these boobs ?

Princess Rio - Varsity Girl

I am very popular on campus, all the boys (and some of the girls) like me a lot... and funnily enough I am very popular with the lecturers too, especially the older male ones he he ! I dont mind though it helps me to get the grades I need, and with very little work... usually just a flash of my knickers or my boobs lol ! So Who wants to come to my dorm ?

Princess Rio - Daddy's Girl

Well you are never too old to be a Daddy's Girl, but I also believe you can never have too many Sugar Daddy's as well... do you want to be my Sugar Daddy ? If you treat me right and buy me what I want I might just let you be my favorite Daddy he he ! Do you like my boobies ?

Princess Rio - Cheerleader

I love dressing up to tease people, I love to see how they look at my body in these sexy uniforms... and you just cant beat a sexy cheerleader ! So who wants to play with my pom poms ? Luckily I am very flexible so I make a very good, or is it a very naughty cheerleader he he !

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